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Reliability Engineering

We enable our customers to develop superb technology products regarding reliability, safety and quality.
AL Safety Design offers reliability engineering services for product development, design and procurement projects.

Reliability Analysis

We have developed practical methods and analysis tools based on our experience in demanding reliability projects. We select suitable methods for your project and organize, lead and report the analysis work. Methods:

FMEA-analysis: Design FMEA, Process FMEA. Component and Functional FMEA, sw FMEA.
MTBF predictions and calculations for Electronics: FMEDA, FIDES, MIL.
Risk Analysis: Hazop, SIL, LOPA, PPA (Potential Problems Analysis), Fault Tree.
RAM-analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability): Reliability 'bottlenecks' in systems, availability %, prediction of production shutdown hours.
LCC-analysis (Life Cycle Costs), cost of unreliability. Simplified RCM-analysis (Reliability Centered Maintenance) based on RAM model.

Reliability Management

Reliability Plans: How to connect Reliability and Risk Management in your design project.
Outsource your PA Manager/ Risk Manager. Our experts will take charge of the reliability and assurance activities in your project.
Estimate risk costs. We can analyze and predict the cost of equipment failures, corrective maintenance, production losses and safety risks (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, LCC).
Reliability data/RAM data collection: Collect meaningful data for failures, repairs and monitor the actual reliability of your system.

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